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Kadriform offers a complete designing service that supports your project from A to Z.


Start-up idea, Drawings and sketching , Model


Scanning , 3D design, Approval


Sculptures , Setting up of infrastructures , Inspection

Final product

Shipping , Installation

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What we do

Whether it’s for a custom sculpture or for industrial manufacturing of steel components, Kadriform International holds the know-how to fulfill your requests. Steel experts, we sculpt in a thorough and professional manner for optimal results.

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Nous sommes en mesure de faire :

  • Mosaicultures
  • Green plant walls
  • Steel sculptures
  • Stage decor
  • Ornamental manufacturing
  • Festive decors (Christmas, Halloween, etc.)
  • Industrial manufacturing of steel components
  • Your project idea

Materials and components that we work with:

  • Steel
  • Fiber glass
  • Plants
  • Concrete

Kadriform builds success!

It has been 16 years and still with as much ambition we hold your dreams close at the heart of our passion.

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